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NEW WORKSHOPS COMING SOON! Communicate mindfully with your child and the workshop Yoga for mothers will soon be added to our range of workshops. Also the one-day workshop Mindfulmama is returning next year!

The online course 'Parenting without stress' that we offered in corporation with J/M Magazine is not available anymore. We are working hard on finding a solution.

mindfulness for mothersWorkshop in your own living room!

A treat for you and your friends!
Would you rather have a workshop in your home environment? With other mums that you invite yourself? Then this' living workshop for you! The topics are completely adapted to the needs of you and your guests. The hostess may participate for free with at least 8 paying participants. Maximum number of participants: 10.
Duration: 1 half day (4 hours) on request.
Cost: 55 euros per participant; at 8 paying participants the hostess may participate for free. (Outside the Randstad expenses at 0.19 cents per kilometer. With travel time longer than 1.5 hours, an extra 35 euros will be charged).

online courseOne-day workshop

Everyone has a talent, so do you. Do you know your talent, or are you still looking for what is making you unique in this world? Then this one-day workshop is made for you. On the basis of specific instructions you will be looking for where you are extremely good at. What is the common denomenator in your life? What sticks out above the rest? What is your unique talent?

The workshop is led by Lidwien Janssen: "It's my job to make sure you actually 'grab' your talent. In it I am both patient and tenacious because we continue until the penny has dropped: Talent found, mission accomplished."

When: February 2017
Duration: 10.00-17.00 
Where: Amsterdam
Cost: 125 euros. If your employer pays, it will be 195 euros (both including VAT).

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mindful educationTwo-day course Coming to terms with the past

Every mother has ideas about bringing up her children. The picture of the perfect mother plays an important role in that, as does the example that you have received from your parents. Have you, for example, ever had moments where you caught yourself saying the same exact things as your mother did when you where young? Doing the things you always said never to do or say to your children? Then this workshop is for you. These two days allow you to get to terms with your personal history so you will be able to bring your children up in the here and now. That way, the things that should be in the past, will stay in the past.

When: Friday 3 and Saturday 4 February 2017
Duration: 10.00-17.00 
Where: Amsterdam
Cost: 195 euros including VAT

Course will be led by: Lidwien Janssen 

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Experiences from previous participants